Here is a guide to get the Colorado license plate/award.

Reach the Mountain States for the first time
Drive from one side of Hoover Dam to the other in less than 10s
Perform a jump from the ski-jump ramp
Achieve a speed over 236mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats
Discover 59 named locations
Access 3 data stations
Access 6 data stations
Drive 500 miles
Drive to the Grey Stone Ruin, Mission Ruins, and Mesa Verde landmarks in a session
Drive to the Barstow Ghost Town, Red Lands Ghost Town, and Tuscon Aircraft Cemetry landmarks in a session
Drive to the Amboy Crater, Meteor Crater, and Grand Canyon landmarks in a session
Drive to the Space Array's, Roswell, and Observatory landmarks in a session
Complete 13 missions
Complete 50 skills
Complete 10 PvP events
Achieve a 100% completion stat

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