Earn 1,000 bucks from a Multiplayer stunt combo in a raid car
Trigger and escape a 5 star police pursuit
Drive a lap around the State Prison Island in less than 55s
Drive 30 miles at night
Cross the North Detroit Railway Bridge in 25s
Drive from the Eastbound main road to the loop in Downtown in less than 35s
Drive 70 miles
Visit the America Park baseball stadium between 10PM-11PM game time
Drive to the State Prison, Downtown, and Mexican Town landmarks in a session
Drive to the Von Steuben, Warren and Cork Town landmarks in a session
Drive to the Bloomfield Hills, Highland Park and Brush Park landmarks in a session
Drive to the Rivertown, Grosse Pointe, and 8 Mile landmarks in a session
Drive 50 miles
Visit 20 landmarks
Earn a bronze medal on 10 skills
Discover 25 named locations

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