East Coast


United States of America




East Coast map.

The East Coast is a geographic region in The Crew.  It is comprised of low mountains, valleys, rolling hills, light farming, mining and coastal areas.  There are major urban areas within this region, however, the further north you go, the more remote it becomes.

East Coast skills and the Dirt Tuner are automatically unlocked at Level 10.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you try to conquer the East Coast skills, go to the Dirt Tuner, and tune your car to a Dirt vehicle, as some of the skills are on dirt trails. A Dirt vehicle is needed if you want to complete skills on these trails with ease.





  • You can find a unicorn in a remote place in the Western part of the region. A Raid vehicle is recommended (which is unlocked later in the game at Level 30).
  • Paul Bunyan can be seen as a large statue in the White Mountains, near the middle of the region. Visiting this statue up close will reward you with an award. however, a dirt vehicle is recommended.

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