Lotus Exige S
Lotus Exige S FULL
Manufacturer Lotus
Model Exige S
Class Modern Sports
Body style 2-door coupé
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Acquisition Miami
Price 472500 B or 104989 CC

The 2012 Lotus Exige S is the base model of the third generation of the Lotus Exige. It is powered by the Evora S's supercharged 3.5L V6 engine. It made its debut in The Crew with the Wild Run update.

In the game, it is available in Dirt and Perf specs.

Vehicle StatisticsEdit

Statistics (Fullstock)
  • Engine - 3.5L V6
  • Max Power - 345 BHP/257 kW @ 7000 RPM
  • Max Torque - 295 lb.ft/400 Nm @ 4500 RPM
  • Drivetrain - MR
  • Length - 160.7 in/4084 mm
  • Width - 70.9 in/1802 mm
  • Height - 44.4 in/1129 mm
  • Weight - 2480 lb/1125 kg
  • Top Speed - 170 mph/274 km/h
  • 0-62 MPH/0-100KM/H - 3.9 s

Tuning SpecsEdit

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