St. Louis


Midwest, Missouri





St. Louis is a city in the Midwest in Missouri. It is the second city you visit in the main story of the game. St. Louis has a famous monument called the Gateway Arch. St. Louis is the smallest of the 3 major cities in the Midwest (after Chicago and Detroit respectively). It can be seen from Kansas Sunflower Fields. There are a view landmarks including the Gateway Arch. In the game the first mission is where the player must track down a girl in truck.(Ford Raptor) St Louis also has the famous Busch Stadium. The police in St. Louis are the same color as Detroit. St. Louis also seems to have dark clouds and not too much sunlight. There are many challenges and jumps around the map. When entering St. Louis is a bridge that leads to the suburban area of the city. The second entrance is the main highway like many others. Over the Busch Stadium are fireworks that can be seen. It takes over 10 minutes to get to St Louis from Detroit. At night, St Louis can be seen including the iconic Gateway Arch.


  • Gateway Arch
  • Busch Studium
  • St. Louis Court House
  • Fox Theatre
  • Suburban District
  • AT&T Center(In Game)
  • Millennum Hotel
  • Downtown