The Crew 2 is an open world racing game developed by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft. The game was announced in May 2017 and officially revealed at E3 2017. It was scheduled to launch on March 16, 2018 but was delayed and instead released on June 26, 2018 for Gold Edition pre-order with world-wide availability on June 29, 2018.


The Crew 2 is first and foremost a racing game, the same as its predecessor. In this game, the player assumes the persona of an unknown racer whose goal it is to become a champion in the United States. There is also the expected emphasis on multiplayer. In co-op, players can join different rally raid events together, as well as compete in street, boat, and plane races.

The Crew 2 features multiple vehicles including cars, but expands into other types including planes, motorcycles, and boats. Each vehicle type has its own physics and controls, making them unique in their gameplay. Players can switch between the vehicle types quickly and easily using the game's "Fast Fav" feature.

There are hub worlds and Motorsports Families, each with its own theme. These include street racing, off-road, pro racing, and freestyle.

Customization - The Crew 2

In addition to Status progression, players are also able to upgrade their vehicles. All vehicles have a specific Performance Level and belong to a category (dictated by the discipline).

As such, they can buy several variations of the same vehicle model: for example, in its Street Race form, in its Touring form, and in its Rally Raid form (providing all those exist for the same model).

Players can then equip various types of parts to fine-tune the performances of vehicles, according to different parameters. Examples include the vehicle’s engine, transmission, exhaust, ECU, and many others.

Currently, there are five levels of part rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary (added in the Gator Rush update. The rarer the parts, the more they will enhance the performance of the vehicle once equipped.


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The following locations have been confirmed:

Editions Edit

Standard Edition - The Crew 2
  • Standard Edition
  • Digital Gold Edition
    • Season Pass
    • Everything from the Deluxe Edition
  • SteelBook Gold Edition
    • SteelBook
    • Everything from the Digital Gold Edition
  • Motor Edition
    • Everything from SteelBook Gold Edition
    • 11.81" by 5.9" specialty license plate
    • 25" by 20" foldout map of the game