In The Crew there are 6 (+3 with the Wild Run expansion) Car specs.

Standard Specs.

these specs are available with the base game and will be unlocked as the player makes progress.(exept fullstock and Street spec)

  • Fullstock. The base spec for all purchased cars. Minimal Customization. "How it rolls off the dealer lot. This is your basic ride and a blank canvas for your own modified evolution!"
  • Street. The First spec you unlock. Tuner is located in Detroit. Mexican Town. "Dealer options and off the shelf DIY additions. Useable day-to-day ride with enough grunt to have serious fun."
  • Dirt. Dirt Spec Will be unlocked at level 10. Tuner is located in New York, Brooklyn. "Internal crash cage; uprated suspension; dirt tires on tough rims; sump guards and braided hosing; flaps, fenders and spots; newer models uprated to all wheel drive. Go tear up those backwoods!"
  • Performance. Also known as "Perf" spec. Unlocked at level 20. Located in Miami, Little Haiti. "Anything to get the power up! Holes cut here and there, after market components, track day tires on lightweight rims. There’s no hiding the intent here – this machine is built to compete."
  • Raid. The strongest Spec with car health up to level 130. Unlocked at level 30. Located in Las Vegas, Strip. "Bespoke, full crash cage chassis; uprated suspension, including long travel shocks; uprated transmission; full bash guard package, including bull bars and skid plates; high profile, off road tires on steel rims. This is a ‘go anywhere’ ride, so what are you waiting for?"
  • Circuit. Fastest Car spec in the game, also the most fragile with only 60 health. Unlocked at level 40. Located in Los Angeles, Griffith Park "Wider track; lower ride height; interior stripped out; crash cage, seats and harness; pro engine tuning, wind tunnel aero package; extra cooling for fluids and brakes, low profile racing slicks on superlight, super wide rims. NOT road legal!"

There are also 3 Specs that are available with the Wild Run expansion. These specs are known as Extreme Specs.

Note: All extreme specs are unlocked from level 1.

  • Drift Spec. Wild Run spec designed for the Drift mode. Tuner located in Chicago, Near the airport. The Kit costs 400 000 bucks (88 000 CC)
  • Monster Spec. Wild Run spec designed for the Monster Truck Challenge mode. Tuner located in Mountain states, about 1.2 kilometers from Fremont Street, Las Vegas. The Kit costs 450 000 bucks (99 000 CC)
  • Drag Spec. Wild Run spec designed for the Drag Run mode. Tuner Located in San Fransisco, Fisherman's Wharf. Kit Costs 500 000 Bucks (111 100 CC)

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